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Ways to improve communication

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Communication is difficult. Very difficult sometimes. Other times communication can be so easy. The main thing to keep communication clear is to share and repeat. Communicate what you are trying to get across to the other person or persons, then also ask to have the person share his or her understanding of what you said. Overall, this collaboration will help each of you understand how each of you communication and listen.

Some other ways to help communication are: 1. Repeat what you heard to confirm what you said

2. Ask questions to your listeners to confirm what they heard

3. Communicate in a way that your audience will understand

a. This can be with verbal, written and visual communications

b. Know your audience's background to help relate your message to your audience

c. Repeat and recap your message ensure your audience will remember what you said

4. Don't talk too much to confuse the message

5. Be short and sincere to help the message stick

These are a few simple ways to improve your communication. There are many other ways to help improve communication. I have written a book on this and will share that sometime in the future. Remember to listen and collaborate. This will help you improve your communication.

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