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Cutting Costs: Maximizing Results

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It seems to always be a challenge. Get more for less. How can you get more results with less effort or less cost? We have been in that situation many times in the past and it seems to be never enough, but there is a more for less that is available to you. First, SalesforceHelp.Net can give you more for less. You can get 2000 hours of Salesforce work for the average Salesforce consulting price of 400 hours.* You will be getting more for less, and your Salesforce will be more valuable to your organization after the year. Second, you are getting more value of your employees. You do not have to worry about how to manage the Salesforce system, or how to have your employees focus more of their time on your core business rather than figuring out Salesforce solutions to help your business do more and do better. Third, a year later you will have your Salesforce system documented, your team's interactions with Salesforce documented, and have implemented ways in making Salesforce more valuable for your company.

Overall you will have more for less. You can see that you will be able to have your employees focus on your business and get more value. The prices is less than your average Salesforce Administrator's salary costs. For $80,000, you will have a dedicated resource and regular Salesforce consulting to align to your business objectives and gain more value out of your Salesforce and team. *Admin+ Plan is $80,000 which is a dedicated resource and consulting. The dedicated resource also is supported by a team of Salesforce experts to add value to your Salesforce. Other standard plans available are $60,000 or $140,000.

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