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Gain more value with Bieasonng

Managed Services

Get more value out of your Salesforce with an Bieasonng dedicated resource for six months or a year. The resource can manage your Salesforce and help complete Salesforce projects. You will gain more value out of Salesforce, have better adoption, and better productivity. With the dedicated resource receiving support from a team of multi-industry experienced Administrators, Developers, Architects, and Strategic Advisory Consultants. You will advance the value of your Salesforce org and your users will love it.  


6-month Resource

Salesforce Consultant
with Team Support

Dedicated Resource  

Weekly Meetings with Resource and Lead

Documentation of all work items   

Work Report Summary with alignment to business goals

Team of experienced consultants for support (Developers. Administrators, Architects, Strategists)

QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews), Reporting and Visibility to user practices and obstacles,

Salesforce Audit

Use of Elements Cloud for:
Change Management

for $70,000

12-month Resource

Salesforce Consultant,
Salesforce Lead,
with Team Support 

Same as 6-month Resource and more:

Best Practice Coaching  

Multi-Industry Solutioning  

Road mapping Salesforce capabilities

Strategic alignment to company goals to drive more value out of Salesforce.
More time with Salesforce Consulting Experts Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)
Overall, gaining more improvements and value with Salesforce overall to drive happier users and better business processes with Salesforce. 

for $120,000

12-month Team+

Salesforce Consultant,
Salesforce Lead,
Salesforce Resource Switching,
Salesforce Advisor

Same as 12-month Resource and more:
More time to strategically add value to Salesforce

More time with experienced Salesforce Consultants, Architects and Advisors every other week, monthly and even twice as much time in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).  This offering will give you the ability to switch resources for special projects to install a new cloud product or enhance your Salesforce org to implement CPQ, Billing, Commerce, Field Service, Service Cloud or other industry clouds. 

for $240,000

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