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10 Ways to Engage in a Meeting

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Meetings are awesome! Or meetings are terrible. Either way you can help make that meeting better. If you have been having great meetings and want to add some more to them or if you have not been in a good meeting lately these following ten items can help get more out of the meeting.

  1. Have a meeting agenda

  2. Confirm the meeting agenda at the beginning of the meeting

  3. Set the goal of the meeting to have a successful meeting

  4. Set aside your emotions at the door

  5. Focus on the goal for the greater good of the company, if the meeting is about you, then focus on your greater good and what is best for you without negative emotion

  6. Listen to others in the meeting, ask questions to ensure you understand them correctly

  7. Ask the big questions, get to the point to make the meeting effective

  8. Take notes of the meeting, capture the action items

  9. Set dates for the actions of the meeting or the next meeting, with the goal of that next meeting

  10. Make some time for some human conversation, we are all working for the better

  11. Ensure each person is heard, inquire with each person and work to feel that all are heard

  12. Make some fun, laugh, cry or share something to connect with others in the meeting

Out of these twelve items you should be able to find ten of them to be using in each meeting. Not all meetings will have them all and that is okay. Some meeting are difficult and not that easy to incorporate laughter. Make sure you are genuine and true to you. It is okay to not agree, but to be fake is a mistake.

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